About Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna – the pleasure for everyone. The heat emitted by infrared heaters enters the body up to 4-7 cm, although the air only heats up to 45-55 ° C. It can also include those who do not normally tolerate heat: children, the more sensitive or elderly, patients who suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Using infrared sauna improves blood circulation, heals wounds faster, bruises, and removes spots. Intense sweating facilitates kidney function, normalizes blood pressure, reduces various cold symptoms, joint pain. Pleasant heat calms the nervous system, improves sleep.

We offer a choice of different saunas that would best suit your needs. The main difference between them – their size (saunas are adapted to make them comfortable for 1 to 6 people) and shape (rectangular or corner):

Infrared Sauna HansCraft LA PROVANCE 3
InfraSauna HansCraft LA PROVANCE 3
Infrared Sauna HansCraft LA PROVANCE 3/4
InfraSauna HansCraft LA PROVANCE 3/4

Reasons why Infared Sauna:

Same effect on health as after physical activity.

A 20-30 min session in an infrared sauna is equivalent to a 10 km run. Infrared saunas are ideal for those who do not have time to exercise regularly or for those who suffer from injuries that interfere with active physical activity. You can go to the infrared sauna immediately – you do not have to wait for the sauna environment to heat up. They can be installed at home, in gyms, hotels. Due to their low energy consumption, they are efficient and cost-effective.
These saunas remove toxins faster than traditional saunas. During infrared sauna therapy, toxic metals, various toxic substances, various chronic diseases and infections are safely and effectively removed from the human body.

Cardiovascular training

In the infrared sauna, the human body must radiate heat. The cardiovascular system expands by pushing blood to the skin and blood vessels. The intensity of the heart is made faster, it develops better blood circulation. Heart rate, the amount of blood pumped and the blood flow become faster. Decreases diastolic blood pressure, thus improving cardiovascular balance. Finnish scientists claim that regular heating in the sauna helps to keep the blood vessels in better condition. Due to the fact that blood vessels regularly dilate and narrow (due to repeated heating and cooling of the body), they become more flexible.

Lower blood pressure

The dilation of the blood vessels allows the blood to get closer to the surface of the skin, so for the increased amount of blood to fit into the blood vessels, they need to dilate. It improves blood circulation in the extremities and lowers blood pressure. Regular sauna visits can successfully reduce high blood pressure and improve arterial flexibility. Sauna – most suitable for cardiac rehabilitation and treatment of vascular diseases, arthritis, allergies, skin diseases and chemical irritation.

Relieving pain and arthritis

Infrared waves penetrate deep into the muscles and, when exposed regularly, help reduce pain. The heat of the infrared sauna reduces pain by dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation. Better blood circulation allows more oxygen to reach the injured areas of the body, thus helping to reduce pain and facilitate the healing process. In addition, in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, visiting infrared saunas relieves pain, fatigue and stiffness in a particularly short period of time.

The immune system becomes stronger

The use of infrared radiation in physical therapy can help improve body temperature. This can trigger an activation of your immune system. Stimulating healthy infrared radiation strengthens the immune system, helps to strengthen the body’s endurance. Recent studies show that influenza and colds are significantly reduced if infrared therapy is used to treat the disease at an early stage.


Detoxification is a body process that transforms or eliminates toxic substances that are hazardous to health from our environment, food, as well as from our bodies. Sweating is a natural way for the body to get rid of dangerous toxins, thus helping to remove harmful substances from the body through the skin. The infrared rays of the sauna penetrate deep under the skin and help to get rid of toxins “buried” deep under the skin.

Skin cleansing

Through the skin we eliminate many harmful toxic substances. The heat effect in the sauna allows the skin to breathe, while sweating removes everything that is harmful through the sweat glands. This cleanses your body, makes your skin more elastic and cleaner.
In the sauna, the skin is cleansed and dead skin cells are removed, thus keeping the skin in good natural condition. Stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface. The heat of the sauna also relaxes the tension of the face and improves the elasticity of the skin. During the sweating process, bacteria are removed from the epidermal layer and sweat ducts. Sweating makes the skin gentle, reducing the damage caused by its constant cleansing. The skin becomes velvety and smooth, thus helping to protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Weight loss

Visiting a sauna has been shown to help people lose weight and burn calories. He 30 min session in the sauna can help get rid of 300 to 700 calories. Sweating is a part of a complex of thermoregulatory processes that help increase heart rate, the amount of blood pumped and make the metabolism more active. This process requires a lot of energy, reducing excess fluids, salts and subcutaneous fat. Infrared radiation can promote the breakdown of toxins and fats. Fat melts at 42 ℃ water temperature, when the body expels fats and toxins.

Fatigue and pressure reduction

Like massage, infrared heat therapy helps the body and mind to relax deeply. Direct sunlight can improve a depressed person’s mood. By combining infrared radiation, appropriate colors, sound and smell, the positive effects can be made even more effective. Any treatment can balance the human body and improve the mood.

The final part

Also, by raising the temperature of the human body, it is possible to contribute to the fight against cancer, because they do not tolerate heat. It is already an unconventional method, but hyperthermia is a carefully studied treatment for cancer. Heat also neutralizes cancer cells (this is necessary). Sauna has a very wide effect on our bodies and can be effective where you need it most.

COVID-19 Prevention

The source of how prolonged heat destroys the virus: here.
We also remind saunas in the standard version are equipped with an air ionizer and ozonator. Ozone (O3) is widely used for disinfection against viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.
The results of the medical studies have been confirmed by clinical trials: here.