A fast and healthy way to lose weight!

An infrared sauna is a healthy way to lose weight without engaging in physical activity. An infrared sauna can burn 400-600 calories in one 30 min. session. Below we provide data on how many calories a 75kg person burns in 30 minutes. active activities:

Cross country running – 600
Swimming – 300
Cycling – 200
Walking – 150
In the infrared sauna, a person of average height will sweat half a liter of sweat in half an hour, which is equivalent to running 3-4 km. Of course, most of the weight burned in the sauna will return when you revive your thirst, but the lost calories will not return by itself, here is the whole secret. Therefore, using a sauna regularly, combining it with exercise and a balanced diet will have amazing results in the area of ​​weight loss.

Why choose an infrared sauna instead of traditional saunas?

A great example of infrared rays would be the sun, because on a sunny winter day, when we turn to the sun, we can feel how our face is heating up, even though the air around it is at sub-zero temperatures.

Thus, it is better to choose an infrared sauna than a traditional sauna, because it is much more effective in terms of sweating. Traditional saunas heat the air and then the air heats your body, but only the upper layers heat up, and infrared does not heat the air only your body and penetrates a little deeper, and therefore sweats much more. And the more you sweat, the more weight you will lose. Here is a video of how you can sweat profusely in an infrared sauna: