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Luxurious Infrared Sauna PRIME 1  with carbon fibre and individually controlled Quartz & Magnesium heating elements for 1-3 persons. Relaxing lying place in sauna can be installed in different directions (on the left or right). The InfraSauna PRIME 1 can be placed in the room, does not require water or sewerage, plugs into a standard socket with earth connection (230 V) and has a maximum power consumption of 2400 W. It is cost-effective, heats up in a few minutes and a session lasts about 30-45 minutes.

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Infrared Sauna PRIME 1 with carbon fibre and individually controlled full-spectrum Quartz & Magnesium [Q&M] heating elements is designed for 1-3 people.  Relaxing lying place in sauna can be installed in different directions (on the left or right).

You can read more about the heating elements, and in particular the new generation of Quartz & Magnesium [Q&M], in the article: HEATING ELEMENTS: the difference between ceramic and carbon fibre, Quartz and Magnesium.

The cabin can be built in a room, it does not need water, sewerage, plugged into a standard socket with earthing (230 V), maximum power consumption 2400 W. Infrared sauna is economical, heats up in a few minutes, the session takes about 30-45 minutes.

Infrared Sauna PRIME 1 is a convenient infrared sauna for comfortable use for one or two adults. Comes with lying place – one bed.

Wood: Canadian Hemlock.
Weight: 207 kg.
Dimensions: 1800 × 1300 × 1900 mm.
Heating elements: carbon fiber + ceramic.
Floor heater: YES.

Technical characteristics (Infrared Sauna PRIME 1):

  • Capacity: 1 sleeping place on a bed or up to 3 seats;
  • Both left and right versions are available;
  • Inside and outside 100% Canadian hog;
  • As many as 8 carbon fiber infrared heaters: 4 carbon fiber + 4 ceramic;
  • Heater power up to 2400 W;
  • Operating temperature: 18-60 ° C;
  • Dual control panel for both external and internal control;
  • Reading lamp;
  • LED light therapy lamp;
  • Air ionizer – taking care of the balance of positive and negative ions;
  • Ozonator – used for disinfection and removal of foreign odors;
  • Ventilation grilles for ceilings;
  • Tempered glass;
  • Audio system with speakers – FM radio, MP3, USB, SD, Bluetooth;
  • Dimensions: height 1900 mm, width 1300 mm, depth 1800 mm;
  • Weight – 207 kg;
  • Used voltage – 230V;
  • CE certificates;
  • 2-year warranty.

The sauna is packed in 4 boxes for safe and convenient transportation.

Box dimensions and weights:

1865 x 1340 x 210 [mm] – 50kg.
1860 x 1750 x 200 [mm] – 82 kg.
1900 x 1410 x 280 [mm] – 73 kg.
1770 x 630 x 100 [mm] – 19 kg

The infrared sauna is easy to install yourself, only 1-2 people are enough:

Who can use the infrared sauna?

  • People of any age, sauna inside the temperature is not high, because infrared rays heat the body, not the air;
  • People with claustrophobia because the infrared sauna can be used with the door open;
  • It is possible to warm up with clothes in the infrared saunas;
  • Perfect for burning fat.


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